Wondering if blockchain is suitable for your business? We are here to help.


Innovation and strategy are the two founding pillars of business at Fumae. The essence of our value delivery lies in the paramount understanding of time to market.

We are driven by a collaborative vision, working with you as your strategic partner, in uncovering the incredible possibilities of Blockchain technology. Our mission is to help you revolutionize your business and gain a competitive edge by adopting Blockchain. We drive tangible outcomes, such as cost reduction, improving working capital, strengthening controls, providing operational transparency and delivering business insights.

Fumae is a team of technology enthusiasts driven by the power of Blockchain. With our unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise, knowledge, strategies, consultation, curiosity and evolved ideation surrounding Blockchain, we have created our own unique benchmark in this new disruptive world. We apply design thinking to deliver innovative solutions, transforming our clients business challenges into opportunities, aligning them perfectly with their strategic vision and goals. By proactively identifying transformational initiatives tied to business outcomes, we deliver strategic solutions.

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Where do I start?

  • Discover


    • Identify blockchain advocates
    • Identify potential use cases advocates
    • Build enterprise-wide buy-in
  • Explore


    • Initiate proof of concept and build prototypes
    • Identify businesspartners
    • Validate business case for expansion
  • Assess & Scale

    Assess & Scale

    • Assess state of industry and blockchain business case
    • Expand partner & customer ecosystem
    • Integrate blockchain into a core system / capability
  • Future


    • Become blockchain native
    • Establish blockchain as standard technology requirement for IT development

What is blockchain?

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